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Futon Covers

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Futon covers give your futon a finished look and protect the futon mattress from wear and soiling. Because futon covers can be zipped on and off with relative ease, you can swap covers any time to create a whole new look and feel for your living space. Be sure to check your futon size to ensure you order the futon cover that is guaranteed to fit. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact us.

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More About Futon Covers

We carry thousand of cover and pillow combinations making your search for the perfect cover set fun and easy. We are always just a phone call away should you need help making a selection and we encourage you to order over the phone if you have any doubts.

The main cover sizes are full and queen, though twin, loveseat, chair and ottoman sizes can also be ordered as well as eastern and California king sizes. Use the chart below to measure your mattress if you want to be sure to order the right sized cover. You may even order custom futon cover sizes if you like.

Cover Sizes

Use the following standards when measuring your mattress to help you select the proper sized cover. To ensure correct measurements, open your futon into the bed position.

If you measure

  • 54 x 75 inches - You need a full size cover
  • 60 x 80 inches - Order a queen size cover
  • 39 x 75 inches - Select a twin size cover
  • 28 x 54 inches - Purchase a chair size cover
  • 28 x 21 inches - Find a chair-sized ottoman cover
  • 54 x 54 inches - Pick from our love-seat size covers
  • 54 x 21 inches - Choose from our love-seat-sized ottoman covers
  • 39 x 54 inches - Peruse our site for a twin chair cover
  • 39 x 21 inches - Select from one of our many twin chair ottoman sized covers
  • Got a different Measurement? - Call us toll free!

If you do not find the cover you are looking for, and you have seen it elsewhere and know the name, try contacting us. In most cases if we don't have it, we can get it. We pride ourselves on having the very best prices on futon covers. So give us a call or email us.

Free Shipping of Futon Covers

Get FREE shipping for any of these products when you live in the Continental United States. For more information about shipping terms, time frames and over-seas shipping options, click on any of the items below or contact us directly.

Warranty Information

These products include a manufacturer's warranty that meets or beats the industry standard. Click on any of the items below to learn more. If you don't see the information you are looking for, please contact us for help.

Cherokee Teal Futon Cover
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Chesterfield Futon Cover
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Chevron Black Futon Cover
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Chevron Chartruese Futon Cover
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Chevron Fandango Futon Cover
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Chinese Garden Futon Cover
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Chipotle Futon Cover
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Chocolate Brown Futon Cover
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Cinderella Blue Dove Futon Cover
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Cinderella Pink Lady Futon Cover
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