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Double Sided Futon Roller (Futon Glide)

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Manufacturer: Futon Parts
Double Sided Futon Roller (Futon Glide)
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Futon Roller - Two-Sided

These futon parts often referred to as glides, rollers, roller cams or plastic inserts can be somewhat difficult to come by. They can come in various sizes, but most customers will require the one we offer. Please measure to ensure the proper fit. Also color shown may not be the actual color you receive, but the part will be the same. Please consider purchasing our bolt, to ensure proper a proper fit and guard against the possibility of stripping the threaded insert of your replacement.

Futon Rollers or Nylon Futon Glides as they are often called are integral in allowing the futon frame to convert from sofa to bed. Most futons require four futon rollers to operate. Futon Rollers are most often found on the end caps on the each side of the back deck of the futon frame.

Double Sided Futon Rollers require an insert to exist on the sides of the back deck. These sections are bored out sections that make a hollow cylindrical space where a double sided futon roller can be inserted. The other side of the double sided futon roller slides along long recesses in the inside of the futon arms. This allows for relatively smooth operation.

Futon Rollers are the perfect solution to this setup, because rather than having to replace the entire futon frame, a futon owner can simple replace the futon glide. In this sense you might say the futon roller is meant to fail under certain extreme circumstances.

The best way you can ensure long life of you futon glides and all of your futon parts, is to make sure the bolts on your futon frame are kept tight. Loose bolts are one of the leading causes of futon breakages. To check to see if your futon is loose, wiggle the arms back and forth and note the movement. Bolts should be very snug, but use caution not to over tighten as this can cause damage to your futon's cross rails.

Futon Plastic Glide Dimensions and Specifications

  • Barrel Diameter Approximately: 1"
  • Rim Approximately: 1 7/16" diameter by 3/16 thick
  • Insert Depth Approximately: 5/8"
  • Barrel Length from Rim Approx: 9/16"
  • Length Over-All Approximately: 1 3/8"
  • Color: Not Specified or Guaranteed-Usually Black or white
  • Although the picture above displays a pair of rollers, these futon parts are sold individually, not in pairs. Discounts are given to orders of 4 futon glides or more.

    Warranty: None

On average most parts ship out next business day. Average in-transit shipping time is 3-4 business days.

Plastic Futon Roller (Glide) Definitions

Cylinder Length - On a double sided futon roller, the cylinder length is the entire length of the futon part.
Barrel Diameter - Sometimes referred to as cylinder, the barrel is the the narrower portion of the futon roller. On a double sided futon roller, the barrel is two-sided and is split in the middle by the rim. Note "Barrel Length from Rim" is half the futon part measured from the base of the rim.
Rim - On a double sided futon glide, the rim is the center portion that splits the futon roller in half and is widest portion of the futon part. Rim diameter is usually considered the least important factor in measuring. Depth is considered more important, however, a couple 16th's of an inch usually will not make a difference either in terms of the futons operation.
Insert Depth - Like most nylon futon glides, the insert depth is distance between the rim and the end of the barrel. In the case of the the double sided futon roller, the depth can be measured in either direction. The depth is the same on either side.

Please measure before purchasing, as futon parts are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable. Futon parts typically ship in 3-5 business days.

Product Reviews

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10/17/2013 - 09:50:59 PM
Fit great
Thanks guys!


01/22/2014 - 06:54:39 PM
It was strong and fit well. shipping was also prompt.
It was strong and fit well. shipping was also prompt.

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