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Futons are modern sofa beds that compliment modern living by offering versatility in both function and style. High quality futons bring their owners many years of pleasure as both sofa and bed. Futon Planet provides straight forward, no nonsense information about the products we list. With easy to understand terminology and quality photographs, you will find it easy to find the perfect futon for your home.

We welcome your questions and interest in learning more about our futon furniture products. Feel free to call, email or use our live chat feature to get quick answers to your questions.

Two Great Ways to Buy: Complete Futons or Custom Futons

At Futon Planet, you get two different ways to order your futon. You can order a complete futon package which brings you a preset number of components or you can build your own futon and customize your order to suit your unique sense of style.

Click on the tabs above to learn more.

How to Buy a Futon

  • Understanding the Components of a Futon
  • Buying a Complete Futon Package
  • Buying a Single Component: Frame, Mattress or Cover

Understanding the Components of a Futon

Purchasing a futon can be made easy by understanding there are three components that make a complete futon. If you only need one component as a replacement, or because you inherited the other two components, then you can purchase those items separately.

The three primary components are:

  1. The Frame - see "Frames" tab for more info
  2. The Mattress - see "Mattresses" tab for more info
  3. The Cover - see "Mattresses" tab for more info

Buying a Complete Futon Package

For those who want to purchase a complete futon package, you have two options:

  1. Add a complete futon package to your cart (limits you on mattress and cover options) - See Complete Futons
  2. Add a frame, mattress, and cover separately to your cart (gives you access to the entire catalog)

For the latter, you will go to the futon frames section to select a frame, to the futon mattress selection to choose the best suite mattress, and to the futons covers section of our website to select your cover and pillow options.

Buying a Single Component: Frame, Mattress or Cover

As was stated above, you can purchase just one component if that is all you need. Some people might not need a complete futon if they already have the other two components. Likewise, some shoppers might intend only to purchase a futon mattress for a platform bed or a traditional bed with a foundation. We want your shopping experience to be fun and rewarding, so if you have special requirements or questions, we encourage your to contact us.

Complete Futons

A little confusing, the term complete futon refers to the combination of the three key components of a futon sofa sleeper:

  1. Futon Frame - The foundation that acts like a mechanism enabling it to be a sofa or bed frame (see "frames" tab for more).
  2. Futon Mattress - The heart of a futon sofa, the futon mattress is far more pliable than a traditional bedroom mattress. More investment generally means better comfort and quality. Don't skimp if you can help it (see "mattresses" tab for more).
  3. Futon Cover - A special fitting sheet that usually encompasses the whole futon mattress (not the frame), like a zipper pillow case or duvet. It protects and enhances the look of your futon mattress. Because it's removable, you can wash your futon cover keeping your futon fresh and new looking. When you get the urge, you can purchase a new futon cover to give your futon a totally new look. Even our most expensive futon covers cost only a fraction of what it would cost to reupholster a sofa. This makes futons popular with fashion conscious people who like to redecorate from time to time. It also makes futons popular with parents and pet owners for obvious reasons (see "covers" tab for more).

Futon Frames

  • Futon Sizes
  • Construction

Futon Sizes

Futon frames come in a variety of styles and sizes. Depending on your available space, you might select a sofa, loveseat or chair.

Sofa's come in two sizes: full size and queen size. In most cases the back drops down to make a bed. This requires you to pull the futon away from the wall unless you opt for a wallhugger futon.

Loveseats can make full sized beds, but require you to make a special purchasing decision to make them work as beds. You can opt for a split mattress method, where the mattress is split two-thirds away from one-third, or you can choose the cascading method by purchasing a thinner more flexible mattress that can hang over the back. Most loveseats can convert into a chaise lounge as well. This makes for a comfy spot to do some leisurely reading or napping. To make a bed, the back must be dropped and the extension either slid out or added, depending on the model.

Twin futons are typically just like loveseat futons except they are smaller.

Chair futons are great for creating a matching set and offer small children a place to sleep. Many chairs operate the same as loveseats and twins, while others require a separate ottoman footrest to make a complete bed with the split mattress method (see loveseat split mattresses above).


There are four primary types of futon frame constructions:

  1. All Metal Futon Frames
  2. Wooden Futon Frames
  3. Hybrids - Made of a combination of metal and wood, where the back, seat and sometimes the cross rails are made of metal, while the arms are made of wood
  4. Click Clack - Also called a casual convertible. These models are not really futons at all, but offer a similar sofabed solution. They are fully upholstered non-modular units that do not use a futon mattress as their sleeping surface. Because the whole unit is self-contained, you cannot change the cushion, size or covering. Click clacks generally are less comfortable than a premium quality complete futon, but the offer an exciting look and have increased in popularity. When converted to a bed, click clacks are smaller than the standard twin size and have a noticeable gap that runs like a seam between the back and the seat when folded down. In a pinch, and when you want a modern look and have tight space, this is an ideal option, however.

Futon Mattresses

  • Select the Best Mattress You Can Afford
  • Understanding Materials
  • Recommended Futon Mattresses

Choose from a huge selection of futon mattresses to find the right level of comfort for your new futon sofa.

Select the Best Mattress You Can Afford

Keep in mind that better quality futon mattresses will be vastly more comfortable and long lasting than their less expensive counterparts. Therefor, as a general rule, investing a little more means getting more comfort and longevity from your futon.

Understanding Materials in Futon Mattresses

While many futon mattresses use cotton as the primary layers (often nested between layers of foam), cotton does tend to compact and requires more flipping and rotating than one that uses a blended poly material for its batting. Cotton batting also makes your futon mattress heavier which makes conversion from bed to sofa more difficult.

Recommended Futon Mattresses

We carry different brands of futon mattresses. Under the Futon Planet label, we offer futon mattresses from entry level to luxury comfort and price points. From Otis Bed, we carry their full line of high and premium quality futon mattresses.

We Recommend the Following Futon Planet Brand Mattresses
We Recommend the Following Otis Brand Futon Mattresses

Futon Covers

  • Futon Covers Protect Your Mattress
  • Huge Selection
  • Custom Options
  • Order Swatches

Futon covers are made to surround your futon mattress. Typically, futon covers include a 3 way zipper that totally encloses and protects your futon mattress from dust, dirt and wear and can enhance the life of your futon mattress.

Futon covers come in all sizes and materials. Some futon covers are higher end and made of better quality materials that will resist fading and wear to make a better investment in the long run. Considering the cost of custom upholstering a sofa, for example, even the most expensive futon cover seems reasonable in comparison.

Huge Selection

Futon Planet has a thousands of cover and pillow options.

Custom Options

Additional accessories and options allow you to highly personalize your futon at a relatively nominal cost. Matching pillows or pillows in other materials can be purchased to create that extra wow factor that makes your futon look like a high-end piece of furniture. Adding piping, an option that covers the seems with a welt or bead of the material can enhance the look of your futon even more. Not all covers come with options, but many do. Call customer care to learn more about custom option (ex. pillows or piping in an alternate different material).

Custom futon cover options typically take longer to receive because they are cut and sewn to order. Custom covers are not returnable so be ask for swatch materials to ensure you like the look.

Order Swatches

You can order swatch samples of many of the covers in our collection to better help you match your current decor. Remember that materials can look very different on a computer monitor than they do in real life. Order a swatch can help ensure you get what you want. Call to order your swatch samples today!

Free Futon Shipping

  • Free shipping in the Continental United States
  • Free shipping to any port in the US for export to other countries
  • Contact Us for More Details

Get your futon delivered to your home for free. We ship anywhere in the Continental United States for free. If you live outside the country we will ship to your port of choice at no additional charge as well.

Our futon furniture products are delivered to your street or doorstep regardless of size. Certain restrictions may apply. Please call for more information about our free futon shipping process.