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2012 Futon Collection

The new G Melott futon collection brings fresh looks and clever designs to 2012. These hybrid futon frames offer durability with an affordable price and are sure to dazzle this year's futon shoppers.


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The wooden futons in this collection combine metal backs and seat decks with wooden armrests and cross rails creating a surprising durable design with the warm look only a wood futon can bring to a room. These futons along with three new contemporary all metal designs make this 2012 futon collection a brilliant offering.

With the purchase of one of our many high quality American made futon mattresses, any of the futons in this collection will make the perfection addition to your dual purpose living space.

The New 2012 Futon Collection

The New 2012 Futon Collection includes a variety of futon styles in the hybrid futon and the all metal formats as well. Hybrid futons combine wood and metal structures offering warmth and durability. Our all metal futons bring a modern look to a contemporary environment. The hybrid line has wooden armrests that are interconnected with handsome wooden cross rails which run just below the metal seat decking. This is an appealing and unique look, rarely found in the futon world. The back, seat and transmission mechanisms are all made of metal creating a solid futon frame that is easy to convert from sofa to bed, simply by lifting on the seat.

G Melott Futon Frame Collection 2012