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What is a Futon Cover?

A Futon Cover is a type of slip cover that usually fits all the way around the futon mattress and gives the futon the decorative look. Since the mattress is off white and prone to getting dirty, a futon cover really makes a lot of sense. Futon covers usually have zippers that allow the user to remove the futon cover and wash when the cover gets dirty or needs to be replaced. This keeps futons looking fresh and new for years.

Buying Futon Covers

Futon covers are easy to purchase when shopping at Futon Planet. That is because Futon Planet has sought to make buying a futon cover easy by enabling you to view our futon covers in different categories. We offer futon covers categorized by price, texture, colors, machine washing, and theme--such as feminine, masculine, Eastern, Floral, etc.
Below you will find some of the futon cover manufacturers that we do business with. These companies comprise of large and small futon cover companies. Some work with high end materials only while others work with various different grades of fabrics. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our futon covers or the futon cover companies that Futon Planet has employed to bring you the best in futon coverings.

There are no additional subcategories for this product type.

More About About Futon Covers

Futon Planet has one of the largest selections of online futon and furniture products.

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