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Better Business Bureau Member

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and encourage you to visit the Better Business Bureau and run a search under "Futon Planet" to ensure our legitimacy and reputation as a company. To go straight to our listing click here. Otherwise go to http://search.bbb.org/search.htmland perform your own search for "Futon Planet"

Futon Association International Member

Futon Planet is an active member of the Futon Association InternationalWe are also a member of the Futon Association International which is the main organization of the entire futon industry. Companies who are members of the Futon Association International show that they have an active interest in the futon industry and tend to stay abreast of current futon related issues. We are currently listed in the Futon Association International's Retail Store Finderunder "Futon Planet" and we encourage consumers to check http://futon.org.

Our Business Philosophy

Futon Planet is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau as well as a valued member of the FAI (Futon Association Internationl). We see ourselves as an ethical, modern and customer service oriented company.  Aside from believing in a certain civic duty and general work ethic, our motivation for doing business the right way the first time stems from our belief that our customers are our most important assets. That when they are happy we will prosper. Every year we do more business as a reflection of this philosophy. A happy customer base brings qualitative growth, a healthy business and a fun work environment where ideas and solutions can thrive.

We encourage our customers to call or email us with concerns or special needs. At the same time, we love hearing from happy customers who might suggest new ways we might improve our services.

Compare Us To Our Competition

If you are interested in purchasing a futon, we invite you to check out the competition first. A great deal about us can be revealed by investigating the competition. We believe each customer is the key to our prosperity and we treat each customer fairly and with the intent to satisfy their needs whenever possible. If a customer has a question or issue with their futon, they will always be sure to get a reply from us. Our future is dependent on making as many customers happy as possible.

Ask the other futon dealers these three questions:

  1. What materials are used in making your product?
  2. What methods are used in the construction of your product?
  3. If I have a problem, do you have a full time staff to handle my issues? Will the answer my questions?
  4. Do you have a live phone service or can I only contact you via email if I do have a Problem?
  5. How long has your business been on the internet?

Smart shoppers [email protected] because we have compelling answers to each of the questions above. We invite you to email us now with any specific quesitons you might have. For the record, however, we sell premium grade brand name futons and futon accessories. In each tier of price, we carry the very best quality futon products the futon industry currently has to offer. We care about our reputation and believe our reputation is dependent on quality futon products and excellent futon service.

Our customers love us (these are real customer statements):
10's all the way around!

The level of personalized service and updates put you guys well ahead of any
fully automated online store I have ever dealt with...
I have received the parts I needed. If you were on ebay I rate your service as follows: A++++.Thank You again for great service!
-Carmen L.

The new cover arrived, yesterday.  It is magnificent.  Thank you.  Did you get my e-mail of praise after we assembled the bed.  It is a gorgeous piece of furniture.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your great customer service.

-Jacie K.

The mattress arrived and is great.


Some more reasons to buy from us:

  1. Huge Customer Base - Futon Planet has two physical store locations in Orlando, FL and services thousands of customers.
  2. Integrity in Workmanship - We put our best foot forward by offering real quality futons.
  3. Coveting Referrals - Futon Planet knows that your happiness equals future business. Tell your friends about us! Invite them to sleep on your futon as a test bed. Finally, send them to our site to get the futon education they deserve.
  4. Education - Futon Planet shows you what to look for in a futon. Providing information to futon shoppers creates loyalty and consumer confidence.
  5. Manufacturing Standards - Futon Planet has strong ties to our manufactures, but we also maintain high expectations. Our suppliers know they have to provide top quality craftsmanship and service in their products.
  6. Selection - Futon Planet has the largest selection of quality futons on the market.
  7. Fun - We look to provide a creative and comprehensive environment where customers can really enjoy their shopping experience. We think shopping should be fun, don't you?
  8. Customer Loyalty - Our customers prove to us time and again that we must be doing something right by returning to us for their furniture needs.
  9. Not Just Profits - Our integrity is more important to us than our bottom line. Why? Because we believe without integrity their would be no bottom line.
  10. Learn more about Futon Planet by reading what real customers are actually saying about us.

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Futon Planet has one of the largest selections of online futon and furniture products.

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