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Convert A Couch

Convert A Couch hide-a-beds operate like a luxury futon sofas, but retain the look of a traditional couch. If you are looking for a futon that does not look like a futon, then the Convert A Couch sofa bed is the right buy for you.

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More About Convert-A-Couch

Convert-A-Couch Advantages

The Covert-A-Couch by Handy Living gives you the comfort and ease of a top quality futon, yet it looks just like an upholstered sofa. Now you can have both--a great sleeper with a sofa-like look.
Select your new Convert-A-Couch style and color and remember to add the efficient storage baskets that will help you clear clutter and store objects or linen away.

Upholstered Futon Sofa Bed

Own these full upholstered futon sofa beds and offer your guests real comfort once and for all. That is because your new Convert-A-Couch includes a quality made futon sofa cushion and eliminates that horrid bar-in-the-back, that guests have dreaded for ages. What is more, you now can enjoy the look of a 100% upholstered futon sofa bed. Your futon looks so much like a sofa, your guests will be amazed to discover that it is really a futon. You'll love it, they'll love it, and your new home will look more complete with it. So order your Convert-A-Couch by Handy Living today! 

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