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Cotton and Foam Futons

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Cotton and foam futon mattresses are still the most popular type of futon on the market today. Because cotton does compact, it is important to rotate your futon mattress on a regular basis.

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More About Cotton and Foam Futons

The Care & Feeding of Your C&F Futon

Futons with cotton require more maintenance than futons that are made of other materials. Most manufacturers recommend you rotate your cotton filled futon once per month or more with regular use.

How to Rotate

It is important use a regular schedule and system when rotating your favorite cotton filled futon mattress. Here is a good routine to follow:

  1. Rotate the cushion 180 degrees
  2. Continue to enjoy using the cushion
  3. Flip the cushion over
  4. Continue to enjoy using the cushion
  5. Rotate the cushion 180 degrees
  6. Continue to enjoy using the cushion
  7. Flip the cushion over
  8. Continue to enjoy using the cushion


Try to avoid sleeping in the center of your futon mattress. Instead, try to sleep on the left or right side. This way when you rotate or flip your mattress, you wear down each side evenly instead of always wearing in the center.

Put your futon mattress outside once a year in the sun. Sunlight and fresh air can rejuvenate clumped fibers. Placing your futon mattress over a deck chair on a warm dry day will gain you loft and comfort. Do this once or twice a year and you will love your cotton filled futon even more.

Keep your futon covered with a futon cover. Remember that you should not wash your futon mattress. Keeping your futon mattress covered will protect your mattress from dirt

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