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Fraggle: Futon Shopping Information

Futon Frame Shopping Information

Futon shopping is easy at Futon Planet. If you decide to start with the frame you need to ask yourself some important questions:
  1. How much space do I have for the futon I want? If the space you have is small you might have to consider a loveseat or twin size futon frame. However, if you have a lot of space you could think about buying a queen size futon sofa sleeper.
  2. In which way am I using my futon frame? Some futon frames are harder to operate than others. Sofa futons, rather than loveseat futons tend to be easier to operate. Also, some futon frames have really neat features like easy upright (sometimes called front load).
  3. What other types of furniture do I need my futon to match? Futon frames come in many different colors. In most cases it will be impossible to match what you have exactly. Sometimes, it might be better if you do not try to hard to match your current furniture. A complimentary color might be even more beautiful than a nearly similar color.

Futons Measurements

When shopping for futon frames, make sure to first measure the space where you want your futon to go. If you are not sure whether a given futon frame will fit, visit our futon frame sizes page. In most cases we have provided you with the dimensions of each futon frame.
After you click on a specific futon frame, scroll down the page to see the futon measurements. It is important that you keep in mind that when a futon is folded down, it takes up more space than when it is upright.