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Fraggle: Futon Sizes

Futon Mattress and Frame Charts

Futon mattresses and frames come in various different sizes. Futon Planet helps you by giving you this page to help pick the futon size that is right for you. If you have any questions that cannot be answered here, please contact us directly.
Remember to order the right size futon cover to fit your futon mattress. Use the futon mattress chart below to help you find the right size cover. Measure your futon mattress, match it to the dimensions you see below and then scan to the left to find your futon mattress size. Finally, order the futon cover that is made to fit that specific mattress size.

Futon Mattress Sizes

Futon Mattresses come in a variety of different sizes. We highly recommend you measure your futon mattress to ensure your futon matches the standard dimensions listed here or else you might end up with the wrong size futon mattresses. Which could be very expensive for you to correct. So please take the time to ensure your futon mattresses match the sizes below:

Futon Mattress Size Chart

Size L W D
Chair 54 28 8
Chair Ottoman 21 28 8
Twin Chair 54 39 8
Twin Chair Ottoman 21 39 8


54 54 8
Loveseat Ottoman 21 54 8
Full 75 54 8
Queen 80 60 8
King 80 78 8
California King 85 78 8

Futon Frame Size and Position

The following Diagrams were provided by Lifestyle Solutions. Lifestyle Solutions is one of our primary futon lines. The quality in their workmanship is always apparent. The following formats apply specifically to Lifesyle Solution frames only. Futon Place frames have are offered in a similar format. Adonis Furniture, however, does not come equipped with the lounger attachment on their chair, twin, or loveseat and they must be ordered separately. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us!
Lifestyle Solutions Futon Logo

Futon Frame Positions

image of various futon positions

Futon Frame Sizes

comparison of futon frame sizes

If you have any questions about the measurements specific to your futon mattress, please email Customer Care at [email protected]