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FAQ: Futon Mattress by Brand

Shop for Futon Mattress by Brand

We offer three brands in our futon mattress line. All three futon mattress brands are made in the USA and in accordance with specific standards set forth by the United States. All three lines are also considered to be premium grade futon mattress lines and offer futon mattresses designed to meet various budgets.

Futon Planet brand futon mattresses

Futon Planet brand mattresses are made in the USA and offer warranties that include go all the way up to 16 years such as our Fusion Velotec futon mattress. Most of the mattress we offer include a cotton-poly blend of premium grade batting and high density foams that add resiliance and support to our mattress line. Some of our mattresses like the Jupiter, Eclipse Innersping futon mattress, and the Fusion have polyester batting instead of cotton.

Gold Bond brand futon mattresses

Gold Bond futon brand mattresses are probably the most well known brand mattresses inside the futon industry. Chances are that if you are new to buying futons, you are not that familiar with Gold Bond. While you are likely more familair with Sealy, or Simmons or Serta, these brands sell their labels to third parties who manufacture their futon mattress line for them. However, Gold Bond does not do this. They manufacture their own futon mattress according to specific standards they, themselves set. This makes Gold Bond futon mattresses a very desireable brand to consider.

Otis Bed brand futon mattresses

Otis Bed brand futon mattresses contain no cotton. They made a major break from the futon industry by introducing high quality foams and polyesters that had other manufacturers swearing that their cushions were not "true futons." However, little-by-little, Otis Bed gained popularity and market share as consumers began to realize the advantage of the Otis Bed futon mattress style of construction. Today, Otis Bed is largely recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of luxury grade futons.