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FAQ: Futon Mattress Selection

Shop for Futon Mattresses By:
  • Brand - brand name only
  • Comfort - firm, medium, soft, etc.
  • Function - mainly used as bed, sofa, guests, etc.
  • Budget - what you can afford
  • Just narrow it down for me so I can buy!

Buying the Right Futon Mattress

Buying the right futon mattress can be easy if you have an idea how your futon will mainly be used, what type of comfort you prefer and how much you are willing to spend. With these three factors in mind you will easily be able to find the right futon mattress using our futon mattress buying guide.

We Offer 3 Different Futon Mattress Brands

We have three different futon mattress brands available. All three brands are made in America and are constructed to standards that are higher than the average futon manufacturer. We believe you will not find a better futon mattress from any futon or mattress company in the USA. We are proud to present these three futon mattress lines to you now:
  • Futon Planet - Futon Planet brand futon mattresses are made in the USA according to US standards and our own stringent specifications. We have established a futon mattress line that we believe is most suitable for our customers' needs and budgets. We take great pride in our futon mattress line and believe our Futon Planet brand of mattresses to be among the world's best futon mattresses.
  • Gold Bond - Gold Bond is probably the industry's most recognized brand name manufacturer of quality built futon mattresses. Every major futon dealer in the USA should be familiar with this brand and every other manufacturer probably wishes they had a customer base as large as Gold Bond's.
  • Otis Bed - Otis Bed makes some of the most luxurious and long-lasting futon mattresses in the world. Their attention to quality, comfort and longevity means that you must be willing to make a investment because their futon mattresses do not come cheaply. Otis Bed futon mattress owners are likely to tell you how much they love their futons.

How To Select a Mattress

You can acheive the goal of finding the right futon mattress in one of three ways. You can make a decision based on budget, comfort or function. We recommend you make a decision based either in function or comfort, before budget whenever possible. However, if you are on a specific budget then that might be the best place for you to begin. Please select one of the options below to help you find the right futon mattress.
Shop by:
  • Budget - shopping by budget enables you to isolate the best futon for the amount you are willing to spend.
  • Comfort - shopping by comfort helps you find a mattress that is soft, medium or firm.
  • Function - shopping by function helps you isolate a mattress that is most suitable for sitting, sleeping, high traffic areas, guest beds and other similar criteria.