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FAQ: Replacement Futon Arm

I am looking for a replacement part for a sleigh futon. I need the right hand side of the futon where the arm rest would be...[for a]... Sleigh Futon Frame.  It would be the left side as shown here. Perhaps you had a shipment that another area was damaged, but this section was o.k. I would be interested in purchasing it. My dog freaked out during our recent thunderstorm/tornado activity on Christmas day and chewed the end off!
Thanking you in advance,

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for considering us for help. One thing you should know is that many companies closely copy each others styles, but when you go to interchange the parts, you will often find that the pieces do not line up correctly to allow the unit to fit together. Therefore, the best thing to do is to check to see which manufacturer made your futon frame. It will make a big difference and save you a lot of time.
Also, we would need to know they year your futon was purchased, which will help us isolate the design and specifications of that year. If you do not know who made your futon, then it is strongly recommended that you take great care in measuring the inside of the futon arm. 
Measure the height of the holes from the bottom of the leg and the distance between two holes on the leg (where the rail connects to the arm). Also, we recommend you create a schematic of the grooves on the inside of the arm, measing the length width and depth of the grooves.
If you could take a photograph of the inside of the arm and use a photo software program like Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop to overlay lines and numbers indicating the dimensions, that might be the best. Hopefully, you have such software, if not you can draw one up in Microsoft Paint or mail us a drawing.
It is also important to note the angles of the grooves in the inside of the arms. To do this, consider measuring the distance from the edge of each groove to the edge of the arm at various places along the length of the arm, starting from one end and continuing every four inches until you get to the other end--each time drawing a line to indicate the distance from the groove to the edge of the arm.
This is quite a lot of work, we know, but it will pay off in the end and save you a lot of money which is our common goal. :) Finally, do not be deceived by the name or look, there are many manufacturers that look so similar, that even I would not be able to tell the difference unless I was right in front of the product. And I have been in the futon business for a very long time.
Best of luck and we are always glad to help!
Gabe LeBlanc
Customer Care