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Dillon Full Size Futon Package

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Sale Price: $ 699.99
Compared at: $ 899.99
You Save: $200.00
Product ID : com-strata-dillon-full-ab
Manufacturer: Strata Furniture
Dillon Full Size Futon Package
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Wall hugger futons allow you to convert them without having to move them away from the wall. Strata Furniture offers this patented feature along with one of the best rated futon frame products in the industry. Click on the video to the left to see how wall hugger futons operate.

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  • Warm Cherry
    Warm Cherry
  • Painted Black
    Painted Black
  • Natural
  • Dark Cherry
    Dark Cherry
  • Black Walnut
    Black Walnut
  • Shown as Bed
    Shown as Bed


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Dillon Full Size Futon Package Details

The Dillon full size complete futon is a high tech futon. The sleek, slanted design makes it an unusual and stunning piece of furniture. You can convert this futon without moving it away from the wall. This is one of the many features that make owning a Dillon full futon an advantage.

The Dillon futon comes in five colors: Warm Cherry, Dark Cherry, Natural, Black Walnut, and Painted Black. This flexibility allows you as the decorator many options. The Dillon futon comes with a standard mattress. You are able to upgrade to a luxury style mattress for extra comfort. Order now and get a free solid color cover!

Dillon Full Size Futon Package Features

The features of the Dillon full size futon are:

  • Wall hugger Futon — Convert your futon without having to move away from wall
  • Front Operation — Easy conversion with any type of futon mattress
  • Luxury Grade Futon — Enjoy upscale furniture with futon functionality
  • Fine Craftsmanship — Superb quality makes this futon a sound investment
  • Thicker Stretcher Rails — Gives you a more robust futon for heavier use
  • Easy to Assemble — Everything is guaranteed to line up & fit together
  • Free Delivery — Delivers to your curbside at no additional charge
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty — Manufacturer's commitment to quality and workmanship
  • Orbit Futon Mattress Included — Upgrade for more support and comfort
  • Free Solid Futon Cover Included — Machine washable twill or duck cotton/poly
  • Sustainable Furnishings Council Member
  • Coffee & End Tables — Available in the same finish as your futon

Dillon Full Size Futon Package Specifications

Product ID: com-strata-dillon-full-ab
Manufacturer: Strata Furniture
Today's Price:699.99
  • Full Futon as Sofa: W76.75″ x D40.75″
  • Full Futon as Bed: W76.75″ x D54″
  • Coffee Table: 47.5w x 23.5d x 19h"
  • End Table: 23.5w x 23.5d x 19h"

width (w)space needed along the wall to accommodate this futon
depth (d)distance from the back to the front of the futon frame
height (h) — height of the back while in a sofa position or the height of the armrests when laid out as a bed

Optional Mattresses

Your complete futon package already comes with a basic futon mattress in full size (54" x 75").

Use the drop menu above to upgrade your futon mattress for more comfort and support.

To learn more about the futon mattresses offered, click any of the images below (make final selection with drop-down menu above).

Note: Use the drop-down menu above to add a mattress to your cart with this product.

Click on the images to learn more

orbitThe Orbit is a very entry level futon mattress offering the bare minimum of support. Because it is thin, most adults will eventually feel through to the bottom. The center is a 2-inch layer of medium density foam surrounded by treated cotton/polyester batting. 1 year warranty.
lunarThe Lunar is level up from the most basic mattress because it has a bit more cotton, but is still limited in support and comfort. The center is a 2-inch layer of medium density foam surrounded by treated cotton/polyester batting. 6 year warranty.
MarsThe Mars is the workhorse mattress for customers looking for a futon that has support and the firmness associated with the Americanized futon mattress. Includes two layers of 2-inch foam with three full bats of compressed treated cotton-poly batting. 6 year warranty.
Staff Pick!
VenusThe Venus comes hot off the press with a little more loft than the Mars and is a little plusher to begin with. Over time, the Venus will thin out more-so than the Mars and will eventually feel just as firm. The Venus is a little more costly because it convoluted foam (egg-crate foam) is more costly to make. 6 year warranty.
JupiterThe Jupiter incorporates polyester along cotton-poly and foam. While it is a bit more supple than the Venus, it offers less support and retains its loft for a shorter period of time before needing replacement. 6 year warranty.
OdysseyThe Odyssey is more supple than the cotton filled mattresses because it uses poly-fill instead. The center has two cores of 2 inch foam to offer added support and body. The surface has a thin layer of treated cotton to conform to federal regulations for flame retardancy. This mattress has a more cushiony, buoyant feel and may not be the ideal choice for sleeping for those who carry a little more weight about them. 8 year warranty.
CosmosThe Cosmos is similar to the Odyssey, but uses egg-crate foam to make it a bit softer. The batting is also polyester fill which gives it a plush buoyant feeling that may offer little support for heavier people. This particular futon mattress will have a shorter lifespan than the Odyssey for that reason. 8 year warranty.
Haley 110The Haley 110 is the pride of the fleet. It is both supportive and very mattress-like as a bed. While it uses different cuts of foam, the foams are of extremely high quality and density ensuring it will outlast nearly all other futon mattresses in our collection. It is considered a medium firm and requires less rotating and flipping than all the other mattresses. It is one of the best choices over-all and for those looking to rationalize the higher price tag, it will far out-live any of the above cushions by as much as 4-to-1. Requires Gripper Strips and cover with Extra-Loft. 10 year warranty.
Staff Pick! Customer Favorite!
Moondshadow futon mattressThe Moonshadow continues to be one of our best sellers. For those who like a medium plush sofa feel, the Moonshadow shines in this department. It still offers support and longevity and has a lifespan that will come close to rivaling the Haley 110. Requires Gripper Strips and cover with Extra-Loft. 10 year warranty.
Staff Pick! Customer Favorite!

Don't see the futon mattress here you want to order with this frame? That's okay. You can order the frame and mattress separately. Search for the frame name using our search bar above and select the model that is the frame only. Then click futon mattresses to select from our entire product offering. You can also choose from a variety of custom futon covers.

Shipping Estimate

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We are not responsible for any delays/failures from our shipping or carrier partners to make delivery within an appointed time should you opt for guaranteed delivery. If there is a delay, please contact the carrier about the issue directly.

Five Year Limited Warranty on Frame

This Dillon Full Size Futon Package includes a Five Year Limited Warranty through the manufacturer. Please contact customer care should you experience any defective materials. We will be glad to instruct you on the procedures for assessing the damages, supplying photographs and obtaining a replacement part as quickly as possible.

Futon Mattress Warranty

The accompanying futon mattress comes with a warranty between one and ten years depending on the one you select. See the "Mattress Info" tab for more details about the mattresses.

Please read our terms and conditions for details regarding warranties and claims.

Strata Futon Frame Assembly Instructions

Watch the video below or visit Strata Furniture to download a PDF assembly guide.

FREE Limited Futon Cover Included!

Product Reviews

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01/10/2014 - 06:12:20 PM
I'm very very pleased...
I purchased Dillon Strata package in black, with gripper strips, and got a free futon cover (also black). I did not order the end tables.

1. The futon cover arrived quickly, within just a few days of placing my order. It is rugged, and seems to be well made overall. Pretty standard fare for futon covers. It does take some effort to get the mattress in there, which is to be expected. The fit was perfect...nice and snug.

2. The mattress I ordered was the Mars. It arrived within a week and a half. It is very comfortable if you prefer a firm feel. I was very pleasantly surprised...the last mattress I'd had that felt this good cost 3 times the price! The build quality is excellent. Sturdy materials, heavy duty stitching, etc.

3. The frame itself is the Dillon, and it came in 2 boxes...one with the seat and back, and the other with the arms/legs. A word of advice for assembly: you will probably want to have someone on hand to help you with a step or two. This arrived 2 weeks to the day of placing my order.

The frame is very solid, and the finish is well done. The directions were pretty clear, and all of the necessary parts were there, so it went together pretty easily. I followed the directions carefully, and it took me about an hour and a half to unpack, arrange, and build.

4. I'd ordered gripper strips, and was somewhat surprised to see that they were foam! They're roughly 4 in wide, and have adhesive on the back. The adhesive is sticky enough to hold to the wood, but doesn't destroy it if you don't lay it right the first time. (Note: both strips are the same length, and the decks of the futon are not, so one will need to be stretched a bit!). My only (minor) gripe is that the edges of the frame are not as wide as the strips, so of course, they extend down onto the slats.

5. In action: This is very comfortable!!! In couch mode, the front of the seat angles upward a bit, so that my knees are high enough for my feet to sit flat on the floor. NICE! The seat is a bit narrow (the back is taller than the seat is deep), but this angling makes it very cozy and comfortable.

Folding it up or down to/from bed mode takes a little practice, but it works pretty well. As a "wallhugger", you don't need to drag the whole thing out from the wall, which is good, because it's very heavy/sturdy. Strata was kind enough to include a nylon strap to help lift the back upward when going from bed to couch mode. Very very nice touch.

I'm very very pleased with the set. Very high marks for quality and comfort, without breaking the bank. Strata called to confirm that my frame had shipped and also confirmed my arrangement for delivery. They were very nice, and made me feel very welcome to call them with any questions or concerns. Happily, it doesn't seem like I'll be needing to.


01/05/2014 - 02:57:51 PM
I was extremely happy with FutonPlanet.com's selection and pricing
I was extremely happy with FutonPlanet.com's selection and pricing. After an extensive search around the web, I couldn't find a site that offered what my wife and I wanted for a cheaper price or with better delivery options. Even more they beat my local store by a wide margin so choosing to buy from FutonPlanet.com was easy. I also found the site to be informative and easy to use. Thank you!

*Customer purchased the futon frame only.


01/05/2014 - 02:35:36 PM
The Dillon Futon Frame is great
The Dillon Futon Frame is great. The construction is very solid and the design is unique. The wood grain is very nice. Assembly was easy with the instructions being detailed and accurate. Changing the futon from sofa to bed (and reverse) is a smooth operation. Nice piece of furniture.

Overall I am very pleased with my futon purchase. Adrian and Rema were both very helpful in the ordering process. Good customer service and products.

Customer Also Purchased:

Venus Futon Mattress (rated 5/5)
Casablanca Futon Cover (rated 2/5)