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Futon Assembly Video

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Need Help Assembling Your Futon? How About A Futon Video?

Learn how to build a futon with this helpful futon assembly video from Futon Planet. Building your futon will be easier after you watch this futon movie clip enabling you to assemble your futon frame like a pro.
In this futon video, you will learn the basic parts of a futon and recognize how to assemble your futon with the hardware that comes with most futons. Note: Macromedia Flash is required to view these futon movies and they do take some time to download. A blank window will pop-up where the movie will eventually appear. Do not close the pop-up window or movie will stop loading.
What type of Internet speed do you have? Make A Selection Below:
  • Dial Up - This futon video's image and audio quality are low and the window size is small to speed load time. If you are patient, download one of the better quality videos while you complete household tasks, or do some shopping away from home.  (Approximately 3.22 Megabytes)
  • Dial Up Plus - This futon video is better quality as is audio. The window size is small to speed load time and like the above dial up, there is slightly less text. For the hearing impaired, we recommend High Speed Broadband or DSL for more text and sharper letters. (Approximately 7.68 Megabytes)
  • DSL - This futon video quality is much better than the Dial Up Movie and is about 15 megs
  • High Speed Broadband - This futon video quality of this movie is good and should download for most DSL and Cable Internet users within several minutes. Average DSL load time is 3-5 minutes. Average Cable load time is about 2-3 minutes.

NOTE: DO NOT CLOSE BLANK POP-UP WINDOW. Your movie needs to load in the pop-up window. Closing it will stop the process. You can minimize it and allow it to load while you continue to surf the Internet. Movie load time will vary depending on the connection speed you have.

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