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Futon Cover Loft

Loft: Tailoring Covers to Fit Thicker Futons

futon cover loft image"Loft" is the expression used to determine the mattress thickness your futon cover will fit. Typically, a standard loft will fit most standard futon mattresses, however if your futon mattress is thicker than 8.5 inches, it might be prudent to order your futon cover with the extra loft option.

Otis Bed® Brand Futon Mattresses Require Extra Loft

While Otis Bed® brand futons are termed as 8 inch thick futon mattresses, they are one of the few exceptions to the rule and require you to select a futon cover with an "Extra Loft" to be sure the cover will fit. Furthermore, we can have your futon cover tailored specifically to fit an Otis brand futon, so it is wise to contact us that you have an Otis brand futon so we can have it cut appropriately.

Super Soft Thick Futons

Some very soft and compressible futon mattresses that are nine inches or thicker can sometimes accept either the standard loft or extra loft option. Depending on the result you prefer, one option might be better than the other. Some super soft futon mattresses may be filled predominately with low density foam or polyester fill and will compress easily under the weight of a person. If your futon mattress is easily compressed, and slightly thicker than the standard futon mattress, ordering a futon cover with extra loft will help preserve its soft, compressible characteristics. However, if you choose to order a standard loft futon cover for such a mattress, the cover will help compress the futon mattress slightly, potentially giving it a slightly more firm feel, particularly around the edges.

We recommend you call us to determine which thickness will be better suited for your futon mattress when in doubt.

Returning an Extra Loft Cover

While some standard loft futon covers may be returned (exceptions and return fees may apply), extra loft futon covers are almost always non-returnable, because they are further customized. For this reason, we highly recommend you contact us before ordering to help ensure you get the futon cover with the proper loft and cut.