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Futon Gripper Strips

gripper strips

Futon gripper strips keep your futon mattress in place so it won't slip. One of the many complaints by customers for years, was that the futon mattress tended to slide downwards of the frame like eggs out of a tilted frying pan. The solution, was to insert the same type of non-skid material often used by homeowners under area rugs.

While this works for the most part, it is not the ideal solution for many futon mattress types, especially over time, when the webbed material begins to fail due to a constant rolling pressure exerted by the futon mattress.

Futon gripper strips solved the problem in a whole new way. Gripper strips are sold in pairs and each gripper has a side with a foam gripping surface on one side, and an adhesive material on the other. Customers cut their grippers to length, remove the paper backing from the adhesive sticky side, and attach each strip to the leading edges of their futon frame's back and seat deck. The other side with the foam surface points up towards the mattress to provide static gripping power to the top and bottom of the undersides of the futon matters. This provides maximum gripping power which is essential to holding fast bigger, sturdier futon mattresses.

While gripper strips will benefit owners with nearly any futon mattress, those that are especially durable and responsive will benefit most. In the case of the luxury line of Otis brand futon mattresses, for example, gripper strips are essential and no other non-skid material on the current futon market will suffice.

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