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Futon Hardware

Futon Hardware

Finding the right futon hardware is easy if you take a few moments to measure. Refer to our individual futon hardware pages to find the measurements and then match them up to the part that needs to be replaced. We provide a full range of futon hardware to give you a full selection. Do not be concerned if your futon hardware is a deferent color than the items we provide. What matters is whether the dimensions match up.

Types of Futon Hardware

Futon hardware can be found to replace broken parts on metal or wooden frames. Knowing whether your frame has a metal or wooden center section will make it easier for you to find the right part. Metal futon frames often have metal hinges while wooden futons use nylon glides to convert. Wooden futons also have a bolt and barrel nut system while metal futon frames usually use bolts and regular nuts.

Wooden Futon Hardware

Wooden futon frames come in different formats and require different types of hardware. Knowing which format you have is very helpful in finding the right replacement hardware for your futon. We have listed different types of wooden futon frames below to help you find the right hardware for your futon:

Metal Futon Hardware

There are many different manufacturers of metal futon frames so it is a good idea to measure your old futon hardware in order to find proper replacements. In many cases, customers have lost all of their futon hardware and may not have parts to match to. If that is the case, it will be much harder to find the proper replacement parts.
The most common replacement hardware that futon owners tend to need for their metal frames is a metal futon hinge. Futon hinges should always be replaced as a set. Even if one hinge is not broken on your metal futon frame, you should always replace both to make sure they match correctly. If you use a hinge that does not match up to the other correctly, you can cause the hinges to fail again, because uneven stress is put on each hinge.
  • Bi-fold metal frames - futon hinges , bolts, screws, decks, rails
  • Love seat metal frames - futon hinges, bolts, screws
  • Metal frames with wooden slats - This type of hybrid futon frame comes with bowed wooden parts that act like springs to make the futon more cushy. These parts need to be measured. Call us with questions about this type of frame.

Other Types of Futon Hardware

If you are looking for futon hardware that is not referenced here, you might call us to see if we are able to locate or recommend where you might find the parts you need. Many futon frame types and their respective hardware have fallen by the wayside. This means the hardware you need might be unavailable. In some cases, you might be able to have hardware machined for you, but in most cases a total replacement will likely be cheaper.