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Futons and Futon Stores

Finding the right futon can sometimes be as difficult as finding local futon stores. The first thing to understand about futons and futon shopping in general, is that the there is a very wide spectrum in terms of quality. Not all futons are made the same. Most futons in the futon industry are made with finger joints which means that the futon manufacturer has built load-bearing lengths of wood our of scraps that have been glued together. Some manufacturers include on a few reinforcements while others load their futons up with three or four reinforcements where there competition has only put one or none.

What is more, the difference in price between a few extra reinforcements might only cost the consumer another $10.00 out of pocket. Rather than part with large end-of-year profits, a manufacturer will often slide their futon frames by with the minimum reinforcement necessary. With this type of futon, a consumer might expect their hard earned dollars to land them a futon with a lifespan of only a couple of years. This is not to say that a cheaply made futon will only last a few years, or that a well-reinforced futon will withstand the punishment of a boys football team, but the general rule of futons is the more reinforcement the better.

Futons and Futon Sizes

Futons come in several different sizes. Some futons make full size beds, some make queen or twin size beds. Some futons can be loveseats by day, and full size beds at night. There are chair size futons that make into beds as well. The benefit of having so many different sized futons is obvious. If you only have enough room for a chair or loveseat, you sill have the ability to sleep a guest when they come to visit.

Further, with the growth of futon styles and sizes, comes the ability for people to create futon suites. Now you can have a living room or family room with a sofa, loveseat and chair--all of which turn into futon beds. You can even pick matching or complimentary fabric for you futons.

Futons and Futon Covers

Futons also have the unique option of allowing their owners to change their coverings on the fly. If you are bored with the present look of you futon, you can order a new futon cover and create a whole new look. This is the advantage of having tailor fitted futon covers that unzip.

For the individual who loves decorating and redecorating futons can be a wonderful and refreshing addition. Also, purchasing futon covers is far less costly than reupholstering or replacing sofas and chairs completely. This is something to think about for the budget-minded family.

If a futon cover should become stained, you can easily remove it and throw it in the wash or take it to the cleaners. If the cover is totally ruined on one side, you still have the other side to use. Finally, if you futon cover has seen better days, you do not need to buy a whole new futon. You simply need to purchase a new futon cover.

Futons and Futon Shipping

Futons are actually one of the easier large scale pieces of furniture to ship. This is because futons come knocked down and flat packed in cardboard boxes. When they arrive they are ready to assemble right in your home.

Some futons can actually be shipped via UPS or FedEx, while others come on common carriers. In many cases, carriers will make appointments with the customer, before making delivery. However, some carriers will not call ahead and will leave the futons if they feel the surroundings are safe. You might call ahead to find our how your futon will be shipped so you can make arrangments.

Futon Assembly

Futon assembly is easy. Generally, most futons come with simple instructions and take only an hour or so to assemble. Most people would agree that futons are easier to put together than the average bookshelf or entertainment center. Futons generally come with the tools required to assemble them. It is often best to have some tools on hand to make the job easier, as the tools that usually come with futons are not exactly of Craftsman quality.

Futon Construction

Futons come in all types of materials. The most common materials are wood or metal. Some futons are constructed with a combination of wood and metal. These futons are called hybrids. Hybrids usually have wooden arms and metal bodies. When you are examining a the quality of a particular futon, you want to look for reinforcements as stated earlier. With metal futons, you want the futon frame to have proper weldings that will stand the test of time. You also should prefer heavier futon hinges (called futon transmissions) because the very cheapest futon hinges can break under moderate usage.


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