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Futon Parts

Get top quality futon replacement parts that will bring your futon back to life. Our futon parts are of similar or better quality than many parts used by top futon manufacturers. Do not trust your futon to obscure secondhand futon parts or you might cause damage to your futon frame.

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Why Futon Parts Can Break

Futon parts can break like any other furniture hardware for a number of reasons. One reason futon hardware will break is because the owner failed to keep their futon properly tightened. When futon frames become loose, the owner should take measures to tighten all the bolts snuggly. If all the bolts are not properly tighten, undue stress is placed on various components including futon rollers, futon hinges, and various other futon parts.

In some cases, there have been indications that consumers have actually overtightened their futons causing damage to their futons' stretcher rails or other components. When tightening any of the bolts on a futon, it is important to ensure that you do not over-tighten. A general rule of thumb is that a bolt should be tightened until it is snug. Once the futon bolt is snug you should apply an additional quarter turn maximum. This is a good reason why it is a good idea to assemble a futon without the use of power tools.

In other cases, guests who are unfamiliar with the specific function of a futon, will use incorrect methods of converting the futon and cause damage in that way. Teenage boys are also notoriously hard on futons and are often the cause, we have found, of many breakages through rough housing or other activities.

In other cases, through the daily use of a futon, a consumer will simply wear out a specific futon part. Futon replacement parts are the only solution to ensuring the ultimate longevity. Waiting to replace a futon part can me greater damage to the futon and other futon parts. Therefore it is often the best to replace a specific futon part when it breaks.

What Benefit Is A Broken Futon Part?

Though it might be odd to say that a broken futon part is a good thing, it is still better that a small futon roller or glide should break than an entire arm rest or back deck. The larger futon parts such as arm rests, backs and seats might be impossible to repair, but replacing a smaller less expensive part like an oblong carriage block or double-sided roller can save a consumer several hundred dollars.

How Do I Figure Out Which Futon Parts I Need?

At Futon Planet, we try to make the task of ordering the correct futon part easy. Sometimes you will need help. In that case we recommend you call us. To see our entire list of futon parts and prices, visit our replacement futon parts page now.

If you do not see the futon part you need, please email a description of the futon parts you need, and remember to include specific dimensions, and, if possible, a maximum of 2 pictures of the items or the futon parts they connect to. If you do take digital pictures, please try to use a coin, dollar bill, or ruler to help relay proportions.

Below is a brief list of futon parts we often have available:

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Futon Parts will become obsolete from time to time, and even the futon parts we have in stock are part of a very limited stock in the United States. You are advised to consider ordering extra replacement futon parts for the simple reason that the futon parts we have today could go into futon parts extinction as well.

When measuring futon parts, try to be as precise as possible. If you do not have a part to measure, consider measuring the futon parts that connect to the spare part you require.