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Futon Planet Brand Futon Mattresses

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Futon Planet brand futon mattresses are designed in according to our specifications with the goal of creating premium quality cushions at affordable prices.

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More About Futon Planet Brand Futon Mattresses

Our Brand of Futon Mattresses

Futon Planet has included its own line of futon mattresses that include materials that surpass the industry standard. While many of our futon mattresses have different designs and price points, they all include the same quality materials and workmanship.

Our Cotton Blend

Our blended cotton and polyester fill add loft and durability to our futon mattress line. Unlike lower quality cotton filling, Futon Planet brand futon mattresses create a more even distribution. Like all cotton filled futons, rotating your mattress is still an important step towards maximizing the life of your favorite cushion.

Our Foam Quality

High density foam cores create futon mattresses that are more responsive and produce a higher level of cushion. These types of foam withstand constant use better than lower quality foam sections.

Our Polyester Fill

The polyester batting we use creates a more plush and longer lasting futon mattress. If you are looking for a futon mattress that is more in the soft to medium range, consider a cushion with a polyester batting.

Our Innerspring Futons

Get the world's best innerspring futon mattresses and discover sleeping comfort that was once impossible to achieve. The Eclipse Innerspring Pocket Coil Futon Mattress receives top marks from customers and futon experts alike. Discover the ultimate comfort with your Eclipse futon mattress today.

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