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Product ID : fpc-cosmos
Manufacturer: Futon Planet
Cosmos Futon Mattress
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Cosmos Futon Mattress

The new Cosmos futon mattress represents a major leap in futon technology. Building on the concept inherit in our legendary Venus futon mattress, the Cosmos offers the same comfort bearing cushion of peak and valley foam. That is where the similarity ends, however, as the Cosmos has been designed around the philosophy of luxury, comfort and longevity with the addition of highly responsive, top quality polyester fill batting. This system of specialty fill replaces the old style cotton-filled futons, making the Cosmos lighter, more supple, and longer lasting.

Cosmos Futon Mattress: FP Grade Polyester Fill Batting is Softer

Futon Planet grade polyester fill batting is softer and more luxurious to the touch. When you lie down on your Cosmos futon mattress, you'll know you made the best choice to go with a more luxurious feel for a nominal investment comparative to more traditional cotton-filled futons. When a traditional cotton futon has reached the end of its usable lifespan, and has succumbed to a compacted, hard and somewhat uneven state, your Cosmos futon will only begin to be broken in, offering you spring and responsiveness for years to come. This is the advantage of the Cosmos, and an advantage well worth consideration.

Cosmos Futon Mattresses Lifespan

The Cosmos futon mattress lasts far longer than the average futon mattress because the polyester fibers do not compact and become matted in the way the cotton batting traditionally will. The fibers are not only less prone to compacting, they actually offer more spring and a more supply feel than the average futon mattress. Consider the Cosmos futon mattress if you are looking to make a longterm investment and like to buy once and get it right the first time.

Even if your Cosmos futon mattress is getting little use, the daily heat and humidity differentials of your home's environment will have a far smaller impact on the life of your futon mattress than one of cotton fill. This makes the Cosmos the better choice for humid regions and regions where there are large shifts in temperature throughout the year.

Cosmos Futon Mattress Features:

  • Convoluted "Peak & Valley" Foam plus Superior FP Grade Polyester
  • 5 Needle Surged Safety - Best Seam in the Futon Mattress Industry
  • 3D Box Construction for Tailored, Regal Appearance
  • Masterfully Blended Luxurious FP Grade Polyester Batting Fill for Superior Quality & Comfort
  • Barrier Cotton Layer beneath exterior casing
  • Child Safe, Sewn Shut Stitching (No Zippers)
  • Even Machine-Filled Futon Interior
  • High Compression Roll-Through Impression
  • Even Length Heavy Strand Lace Tufting
  • Exclusive Cotton Roll Over Edge
  • Heavyweight Casing for superior strength
  • Custom Futon Sizes Available

Cosmos Futon Mattress Approximate Dimensions:

  • Full Size: 54 x 75"
  • Queen Size Sofa: 60 x 80"
  • Twin Size: 39 x 75"

  • Loveseat Size: 54 x 54"
  • Loveseat Ottoman: 21 x 54"

  • Twin Loveseat: 39 x 54"
  • Twin Loveseat Otto: 21 x 54"

  • Chair Size: 28 x 54"
  • Chair Ottoman: 28 x 21"

Futon Planet's Cosmos futon mattresses are custom-made to order, which takes three to five business days after order processing. Our customers typically receive their futon mattresses within 10 to 15 business days from the date of order.

Eight Year Limited Warranty

The Cosmos futon mattress includes a 8 year limited warranty covering manufacturer s defects.

Product Reviews

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11/03/2013 - 08:50:06 PM
Lightweight and cushy
Thanks guys!

10/16/2013 - 06:21:51 AM
Great futon mattress
I love my new futon! And this mattress is awesome!

You rock Futon Planet


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