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Product ID : fpc-venus-jg_nx
Manufacturer: Futon Planet
Venus Futon Mattress
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Venus Futon Mattress Details

The Venus is a medium-firm futon mattress that is one of the most popular and best-selling items in our collection. This is because the Venus offers a genuine, long-lasting value and the supportive comfort for its price. The Venus is composed of cotton and high density convoluted foam (egg-crate foam) that makes it less firm than the Mars futon mattress, but it is still relative firm and will continue to get firmer with use over time. For a softer futon mattress that will not firm up in the same way, consider the Odyssey futon.

Two sections of high quality 1.2 density-rated, convoluted foam cores are snugged between 3 generous pre-compressed layers of cotton-poly blended batting. Arranged in an alternating fashion, these layers create a truly synergistic result making it suitable for most types of use. This smart blend gives you a slightly softer feel when sitting thank a straigt cored futon mattress. A solid mattress at a great price, Venus futon mattress is a popular model indeed.

Overall, the Venus futon mattress excels as both a sofa and a sleeping cushion. Order yours today and enjoy free shipping with your order!

Venus Futon Mattress Features

The Venus Futon Mattress carries the Futon Planet label and is one of the best values on the market for its build quality. Just read what your Venus Futon Mattress offers:

  • Two Core Sections of 2 Thick, 1.8 Density Rated High Performance Convoluted Foam
  • Three Heavyweight Cores Of Polyester/Cotton Batting (14 Actual Layers Total)
  • 5 Needle Surged Safety Stitch - Best Seam in the Futon Mattress Industry
  • 3D Box Construction for Tailored Fine Appearance
  • Masterfully Blended Design for Superior Resiliency and Quality
  • Child Safe, Sewn Shut Stitching (No Zipper)
  • Even Machine-Filled Futon Interior
  • High Compression Roll-Through Impression
  • Even-Length Heavy Strand Lace Tufting
  • Exclusive Roll Over Edge
  • Heavy Weight Casing for Superior Strength to Assure Longevity
  • Custom Futon Sizes Available, email us

Venus Futon Mattress Specifications

Product ID: fpc-venus-jg_nx
Manufacturer: Futon Planet
Today's Price:269.99

The Venus Futon Mattress is available in multiple standard futon sizes as well as custom sizes. Call customer care for custom made futon mattress prices including king size.

Standard Futon Mattress Sizes Available

  • Twin — 39w x 75" (sleeps one person)
  • Full — 54w x 75" (sleeps two people)
  • Queen — 60w x 80" (sleeps two people and is also suites tall people best becasue creating a sleeping length of 6'8")
  • Loveseat — 54w x 54" (sleeps two people when joined with a Loveseat Ottoman to make a full size bed)
  • Loveseat Ottoman — 54w x 21" (Sleeps two when joined with a Loveseat mattress to make a full size bed)
  • Twin Chair — 39w x 54" (sleeps one person when joined with a Twin Size Ottoman to make a twin size bed)
  • Twin Chair Ottoman — 39 x 21" (sleeps one person when joined with a with a Twin Chair to make a twin bed)
  • Chair — 28w x 54" (Makes a cot when joined with a Chair Ottoman)
  • Chair Ottoman — 28w x 54" (Makes a cot when joined with a Chair sized futon or makes a great footstool for any sized futon in conjunction with a Chair Futon Ottoman Frame)
  • futon mattress dimensions

    More About Split Format Futons

    Split mattress formats are made up of two Venus futon mattresses that are snugged together to equal their full length complements. A Full size futon mattress is made by combining a Loveseat and Loveseat Ottoman. A Twin size is made with a Twin Chair and Twin Chair Ottoman and the Cot size is attained by scooting a Chair sized futon combines against a Chair Ottoman size.

    The cot is pretty narrow and is not recommended for extended stays and is more suitable for children. Speaking of children, various split sizes can be used individually to offer miniature sized mattress for miniature sized people. So, you don't have to buy a counterpart to the split format concept if you don't want to. We're pretty flexible that way. silly fragg

    Incidentally, the term "ottoman" is used because each segment was originally offered as a footstool section. Today, however, only the chair size has a footstool foundation for its respective mattress, while the other ottoman sizes (the loveseat & twin) are rarely available with an ottoman foundation. Instead, they are either propped up to serve as the back portion of a lounger, or they are stowed elsewhere until they use is required for sleeping. In the latter case, the futon frames that accomadate those sizes is converted into a loveseat or oversized chair (in the case of the twin 39 inch width).

    One frequently asked question about the split format, is whehter the gap can be perceived between the two separate cushions. The best recommendation to avoid feeling the split, is to place the larger split mattress so that it supports the head and torso of your guest, while the smaller split segment supports the calf and foot. When they are secured with the use of non-slip or Gripper Strips, the guest should not notice the difference between a complete futon mattress or the split. One additional thought, is to purchase a complete cover for the split. In the case of the loveseat split format, for example, a Full Size Futon Cover could be employed to encompass both mattresses. This will zip complete around the loveseat futon and loveseat ottoman to hold keep them well intact. When the futon is no longer needed for your guest, simply remove the ottoman cushion, keeping the larger segment inside and zipping it shut. Then, fold the mattress back into position, dog-ear and then military tucking the excess fabric behind the back.

    Have Questions? That's why we're here. So pick up the phone and call, us! We're more than happy to explain the process to help you determine if a split format is right for you. By the way, some futon mattress are thin enough to cascade over the back should you need a mattress for a loveseat or twin chair. In this case, you are forgoing a level of comfort, but saving money and removing a layer of complexity in the process. You might want to ask us about that as well, if you are considering a split format mattress for a loveseat or twin size futon.silly fragg

Shipping Estimate

Estimated to ship on or the business day after: .

Shipping Time

Futon Planet mattresses are made to order and never pulled from a dusty warehouse shelf. We take great pride on servicing our customers with just-in-time manufactured futon mattresses. Futon Planet brand futon mattresses are manufactured and shipped from at the factory located near our corporate office in Orlando, Florida.

These futon mattresses ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays provided there are no holidays or unforseen collamities during the week (hurricanes, lightning strikes, power outages, what-have you).

Orders placed by Saturday before 10:00AM will ship on the following Tuesday. Orders placed by Tuesday before 10:00AM Eastern Time will ship that Thursday.

We do our very best to keep up with demand and recommend you contact us if in doubt about an arrival date. If you are in need of a mattress sooner, we have an inventory of ready-to ship Otis brand futon mattresses on hand in our retail store in Orlando. You may also opt to pay Fast Trac to get your futon shipped out more quickly, if you place your order after our cutoff times specified above, however, it does not guarantee 100% that your mattress will still make the cut. Please contact us by phone if in doubt

After the processing and manufacturing is completed, your Venus Futon Mattress will ship via FedEx Ground. The time it takes for your mattress to reach your home will depend on the distance it must travel. The eastern and most mid-western customers can generally expect their futon mattresses to arrive within 3-4 business days while western state shipments might take an extra business day.

Futon Planet Brand Mattress Shipping FAQ's

  • Q: Why can't in-store Futon Planet Brand futons ship from the store? — Unlike our Otis brand futon mattresses which ship to us from Otis in vacuum packed packages, the mattresses we offer in-store customers under our own label are not vacuum packed or ready to ship. This service is only provided to our on-line customers who purchase Futon Planet brand mattresses and must be fulfilled at the factory.
  • Q: Why do custom mattress take longer? — It's not always, the case, but frequently custom made futon mattresses require more attention to detail than the higher production runs of our standard spec futon mattresses. For this reason, a seemstress will attend to custom orders after a major production run once the dust settles. If you are in a hurry, call us to see about a RUSH PRODUCTION order and an additional Fast Trac option.
  • Q: Why must I open my futon mattress the day it arrives — Two reasons. One reason is that you want to allow it to begin to expand to its intended loft as quickly as possible. With cotton-filled mattresses, this means it can a little time to expand and the longer it stays compressed the less likely it will expand to its intended loft. Also, as with all our products, we like customers to open their products and inspect them for potential shipping damages. We rarely, we mean very rarely, receive calls from customers regarding futon mattress damages, but it can happen. Notifying us immediately enables us to seek a freight claim while quickly attending your needs regarding a replacement. Please note any damages must be identified with the use of digital images and need to be emailed to us promptly so we can service your claim.
  • Q:How will my Venus Futon Mattress be packaged? — Futon Planet brand futon mattresses ship to you in a vacuum packed package with a near-bullet proof mesh that helps ensure it is well protected from potential shipping damages. When it arrives, you will carefully unpack it and watch it grow, much like a giant grow worm. Be sure to stand back. Just kidding! They expand slowly, taking several business days to recover. They don't expand on weekends..silly fragg

Rush Orders / Date Guaranty

- Contact Customer Care for special rates. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery dates for our standard or FAST TRAC shipping options but we can offer best guess estimates if you care to call us.

More About Shipping Estimations

  • Estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed
  • When the estimated ship day is on the weekend, your product will likely ship on the following non-holiday business day
  • From time-to-time, unexpected delays may occur due to:
    • weather issues
    • carrier issues
    • shipper logistics
    • availability, etc.

While such occurrences are rare, we hope you will make appropriate arrangements to order your products well in advance of any planned use to ensure they arrive with plenty of time to spare.

We encourage you to contact Customer Care if you feel you need a better estimate of delivery. However, you should note that we cannot guarantee delivery dates from lessons learned. Our various shipping partners and delivery services are third parties who are responsible for the logistics of getting the products to you once your order is processed. This makes it hard for us to control fulfillment and delivery dates after we have done our part. However, we area always here for you and will do our very best to get into the loop to help you with any fulfillment needs. After all, you are our customer and we value your satisfaction.

We also must advise you that we cannot be responsible for any delays or failures from our shipping or carrier partners to make delivery within an appointed time should you opt for regardless of the shipping option you selected. If there is a delay, please and you have tracking and contact information, it may speed the process for you to contact the carrier about the issue directly. We are always glad to help wherever we can and, while encourage you to contact the carrier for your own sake (if you have been issued carrier contact information), we will dutifully be your ally in getting as much information as we can should they fall short in providing you with information or service.

Venus Futon Mattress Limited Warranty

The Venus Futon Mattress has a 6 year warranty against manufacturer's defects. Order with confidence!

Product Reviews

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04/22/2013 - 03:24:01 PM
Pretty thick and very comfy
They tell you to rotate it more in the beginning because that's when it's most likely to get uneven. It came wrapped up in a package that I was sure couldn't be filled with a queen size futon, but when I unpacked it, it expanded like a grow worm.

Came quickly and great service.


04/21/2014 - 05:34:25 PM
good quality and price
I love this product because good quality and price


04/21/2014 - 04:49:01 PM
I did not think that the venus mattress would be as comfortable
I must admit that I did not think that the venus mattress would be as comfortable as Adrien explained to me it would be. Therefore, I waited until late in the evening to test its relaxation mode. Unprepared for what I was about to experience I was so glad that I had not placed a bet on this wonderful, made to fit my sleeping style order. I woud have lost that bet because of the soothing springability of the mattress and the reassurance that long-term good night resting was in store for me.

I want to thank you for delivering such a piece of furniture to my residence, for me to enjoy and have many years of personal use or sleep in style for my guests.

Moreover, the futon Burgundy cover was quality par excellence. Just to look at the rich color was one thing but the durability of the material was an added critical feature.

Again, thank you and you may look forward to my "noising abroad" the "put your futon where your ad is" perk...No one will ever go wrong requesting what it is they are looking for in a superb, elegant, comfortable piece of furniture like the Eureka twin futon.

Thank you,

— Phylicia
04/13/2013 - 09:34:33 AM
Medium Firm
I picked this one because it was softer than their Mars mattress. Good thing, too, because this one is still pretty firm.

Love it, though and love my new cover that just arrived today. Thanks Rima!


01/05/2014 - 02:38:43 PM
I am glad we upgraded to the venus.
I am glad we upgraded to the venus. It is firm enough for support but still comfortable.

Overall I am very pleased with my futon purchase. Adrian and Rema were both very helpful in the ordering process. Good customer service and products.

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