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Futon Mattresses

Futon Mattress Information

Futon mattress shopping is as much about finding the futon mattress that is comfortable over the long run as it is about finding the right price.  People often make the mistake of buying a futon mattress based more on price than on quality.  Cheap futon mattresses tend to last only a fraction of those that are better quality. This can lead you to spend more by having to buy several replacement futon mattresses and costing you more in the end.

Futon Mattress Materials

Futon mattresses are made of various types of materials.  Some futon cushions have many layers and different types of materials while other futons are only one layer of cotton.  In general, it is probably better to buy a futon mattress made up of several layers of material that also include high density foams.

The Cotton Futon Mattress

Once the mainstay of the futon world, the all cotton futon mattress has largely fallen out of favor.  Cotton tends to compact and in order for a manufacturer to ensure loft (the height or thickness) a lot of cotton needs to be packed into the casing.  This leads to a heavy, expensive and cumbersome futon cushion that will eventually become lumpy.
Although, all cotton futon mattresses eventually become lumpy and need to be beaten, the 100% cotton futon mattress is especially prone to lumps and potting (valleys).

The Cotton and Foam Futon Mattress

At a certain stage, foam was introduced and this led to a much more responsive cushion that also had a longer shelf life.  Further, the foam added a much needed spine to a futon cushion which helped to keep it upright.  Today, cotton and foam futon mattresses are the most popular futon mattresses.

Polyster Futon Mattresses

Polyster became a popular fill for futon mattresses especially with the coming of Otis Bed.  They were one of the first companys to do away with cotton altogether--preferring synthetic fibers.   This type of batting provides better life and resiliance over the long run because it is not as prone to compression.  Plentiful amounts of polyester combined with good quality foam can produce a futon that will last for years.

Innerspring Futon Mattresses

As companies continued to experiment with different materials, the general public grew more enthusiastic with futon mattresses that had coil springs in them.  Hence, the innerspring futon mattress was born.
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We thought you might be interested to learn more about how your futon mattress was made, so we have included an extensive guide into the manufacturing of one of the worlds best futon mattresses.