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These are some of the questions which have been frequently asked:

Question: How are your futon mattresses manufactured?

Futon Expert's Answer: "Our futon mattresses are machine filled." (This is a good answer from any sales person. Always opt to buy a machine filled mattress over a hand filled futon mattress. The reason is that machines ensure an even distribution of batting inside the mattress. Be wary of the hand made futons. The logic is that "hand made" usually translates into an unevenly stuffed bag cotton).

Question: What other essential selling points do you offer when I buy your futon mattress from you?

Futon Expert's Answer: You receive a mattress that has a 5 seem safety surge stitching which means there is virtually no chance of it coming apart at the seems.

Futon Expert's Answer: Box construction. This means the futon is square with side panels as opposed to a cheap pillow-like futon.

Futon Expert's Answer: Pre-compressed cotton batting (300 lbs compression or more is GOOD).

Futon Expert's Answer: Our futon mattresses have treated cotton which is key in keeping with fire resistance standards. Equally important, our treated mattresses help prevent the infestation of dust mites (yuck!) which can cause serious allergic reactions and respiratory ailments.

Question: What are the different thicknesses and consistencies of the futon mattresses you carry? Should I pick the thickest mattress you carry?

Futon Expert's Answer: Thicker is not always better, but a good general rule is to avoid 6 inch thick futons or less. Otherwise you will feel the frame underneath the futon mattress. So a good answer to this might be 7 inches through 10 inches with 1.8 density foam cores.

Question: I was told that having more layers better? Is that true?

Futon Expert's Answer: Absolutely NOT. A recent and popular sales tactic is to convince a customer that extra layers of material in a futon mattress constitute a better mattress. This is absolutely false. A mattress that has 8 layers or 10 layers inside, tells the consumer nothing about the quality of those layers. In reality, the number of layers matter very little in comparison to the quality of the layers. Always keep this in mind while shopping. (Extra note: most quality mattresses contain between 5 and 6 layers. Many layers or "cores" of cotton batting can actually be made up of many sub layers, but the essential focus should remain on the quality of the layers, not the quantity.

Question: Who makes your futon mattresses?

Note: Always ask where the futon mattresses are made. You are probably safer to consider mattresses made in the United States. Many Foreign countries tend to have lower sanitary standards and poorer quality control programs than the United States. If a sales person is not sure where the mattresses are made then walk away. After considerable experience in the futon industry, we have come to prefer and recommend Futon America futon mattresses as the best value and quality. Ask your sales person which brand they carry. If you are not sure of they quality, you are free to email us with your concerns. We will give you the best advice we can!

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