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Gold Bond Futon Mattresses

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Gold Bond has been making mattresses since Isador Naboicheck founded the company in Hartford, Connecticut circa 1899.  Gold Bond's reputation for manufacturing quality mattresses has long been recognized in the bedding industry and consumers alike.  For those who demanded lavish quality, the "comfort and consistency" that Gold Bond delivered made Gold Bond mattresses highly desirable in America. [read more]

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More About Gold Bond Futon Mattresses

As Gold Bond grew, they introduced their own specially blended cottons and wider distribution. As the word spread about their luxurious mattresses so did the orders. Gold Bond's unique methods, pure cotton and hand-made components had reached perfection. While other lesser mattress companies were pouring huge sums into marketing campaigns and skimping on quality to feed their audiences, Gold Bond continued to hedge their way through the ruckus to build bed mattresses that would outlast the competition and provide superior comfort.

Gold Bond Futon Mattresses

Gold Bond futon mattresses allowed Gold Bond to diversify into a niche market where they knew they could provide superior quality and comfort. Gold Bond led the way into high quality, highly comfortable futon mattresses. Following Isador Naboickeck's dedication to "comfort and consistency," again Gold Bond pioneered the way to thicker, more substantial futon cushions that fit America's void for a luxurious sleeper sofa.

Beginning in the 1980's the demand for futons literally exploded and continued to expand with Gold Bond correctly poised in the middle to provide a superior sleep product. Today, Gold Bond remains the most recognized name brand in futon mattresses. All the while, they have stayed true to their core ethics of providing mattresses that promise quality, comfort and longevity.

Futon Planet and Gold Bond Futons

Futon Planet and Gold Bond share similar goals. Like Gold Bond, Futon Planet is truly dedicated to providing products and services that exceed the consumers' expectations. There is a close relationship between outlasting the competition and inspiring customers. In simple words, a happy customer will tell their friends. This type of verbal marketing is what companies like Futon Planet and Gold Bond alike build their legacies.

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