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Futons have increased in popularity since they were first introduced. Although the demand for futons is much higher today, consumers can often find themselves stumped about their benefits. Some people wonder about the quality of today's futons. Futon Planet offers a large selection of high quality futons at affordable prices. So shop with confidence!

Futon Shopping

True futon dealers often have a lot of knowledge about futon products-- especially if they have been in business for many years. Whether you buy futons from us or another futon dealer, we recommend you avoid general furniture stores or discount department store chains who may know little about the futons they sell. Reputable futon dealers tend to offer superior quality products which will save you money in the end because their futons will hold up over time. Seek a futon dealer who is established with physical stores rather than those who operate out of a home office or garage. Online futon stores that also have retail locations are more likely to honor their warranties.
You will find FutonPlanet.com to be a useful futon resource. Our pages are packed with information about futon frames, futon mattresses, futon covers and more. We are certain you will find the content provided here to be well-rounded and geared towards providing you with a genuine futon education.
Although the goal of this website is the sale of futons, we know that helpful resources are likely earn customers. So, even if you choose not to buy this time, bookmark us as a futon resource for the future. Does this plan pay off for us? YES!
If you cannot find something here, please feel free to contact us. We are eager to earn your business through honest and educational means. If we cannot find the futon you are looking for, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.
Thank you!  

Shopping For Futons at Futon Planet

Shopping for futons is easy and straight forward at Futon Planet. We sell quality futons and futon accessories as well as hundreds of other types of furniture for your home. We offer a 30 Day Limited Money Back Guarantee Return Policy on every futon frame in stock. We work hard to make your futon shopping experience fun and educational. We even encourage you to just use our website as your futon resource where you can research specific features of a futon brand or style. Then you might want to venture out on the internet to compare quality, prices and service. Just remember to bookmark our site so you can easily return when you are ready. Our goal is to be the definitive online futon shopping solution--one customer at a time--and that includes you.

Futon Information

Futon Planet strives to provide honest information about our futons so our futon customers can make sound judgments about what they are buying. We provide photos to help you to study and recognize quality features and workmanship in the futons we carry. You deserve quality and great prices, but you also deserve sound information to determine whether the futons you order over the internet are really worth the value of your hard earned money.
We believe providing quality information to online consumers is essential to establishing our credibility as an online futon store. We believe this philosophy, in part, sets us apart from other online futon stores. You be the judge. We care about the quality of the goods and services we provide our customers. We believe that our focus on providing quality and service at an affordable price will play a major role in contributing to the success and future growth for our company. We feel that when our customers are happy with their futons and our service, they will shop with us again, they will tell their friends and they will actively seek ways to support us. In essence, how we treat you as a customer will come back to us threefold. Positive word-of-mouth customer promotion will ultimately affect our bottom line.

Futons and Our Futon Website

Our website is updated daily. We continuously provide the latest trends and styles in futon comfort and quality. Futon Planet works hard to provide honest face-value information about our products. We also work hard to objectively evaluate our futons for you since you cannot examine our futons up close. We believe by providing good hard information we will win your confidence. To us, it is just good business sense. Wouldn't you agree? With the rise of so many mom and pop internet futon companies, futon shopping can be a real challenge. Futon frames, for example, might look exactly alike on the internet, whereas if you could see them on a showroom floor you would immediately recognize important differences in quality and workmanship. This is why we strive to be as descriptive as possible with our futons whether we are discussing futon frames, futon mattresses, futon covers or other furniture in our online catalogue.