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Innerspring Futon Mattresses

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One of the chief benefits of an innerspring futon mattress is that it is that it most closely mimics and actual traditional coil bed. This means that you and your guests are more likely to experience the type of sleep that most Americans are used to. Unlike cotton and foam futon mattresses, the typical coil futon mattress has added spring and cushion. When you roll over at night, the springs will absorb the pressure of your body more readily.*

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More About Innerspring Futon Mattresses

Important Considerations

When you are buying an innerspring futon mattress, it is generally wise to buy premium grade coil futons. This helps to ensure you are buying a coil that will offer true comfort.

Because it costs more to make the average coil futon mattress, you can be sure that a cheap innerspring futon will offer little comfort or longevity. If you are looking to save money, you are probably better off buying another type of futon mattress without springs or coil systems.

Best Coil Futon Mattresses Have

  • Individually Pocket Coils
  • Substantial Foam Barriers
  • Polyester Batting Outer Layers

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