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Assembly Instructions

Futon Assembly Instructions

Futon and furniture assembly instructions are offered here for free for anyone who might need specific futon or furniture directions. If you do not see what you are looking for here, email us and we will try to locate specific futon instructions and post them here for you. In the mean time, you might check one of the instruction booklets found here. Often, futon companies are very similar in the way they construct their futons. Although futon quality will vary from one manufacturer to the next, these futon and other furniture instruction booklets should give you a good starting point. Good luck!

Other Futon Assembly Resources

Futon Life Online Magazine offers and excellent line of animated instructions to help you make better sense of the assembly process. Visit Futon Life's futon assembly guides now.

Futons and Futon Furniture

We are always looking for the best ways to explain how to put futons and other furniture items together.

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Futon assembly instructions like the futon instructions supplied here are often very much alike. If you have a futon frame that does not look exactly like the futons shown in these futon assembly instruction booklets, you need not be too concerned. The basic premise of assembling a futon is much the same in many cases. Attempt to use the futon instructions we provide here to get a general idea of how to build you futon. If your futon's major parts are completely unique from the futon directions posted here, Futon Planet recommends you consult a professional futon dealer in your local area.

Some futon dealers, such as Futon Planet, will make a service call to your home for a nominal fee. Once there, the futon technician can determine whether you are missing parts. If you are missing no parts, than the futon technician will assemble your futon for you. Other futon dealers will require you to bring your futon frame to them where they can build the futon in house. It is usually best to call a futon dealer before picking up your futon frame and hauling it to their shop.

Sometimes a futon dealer will be familiar with your futon frame if you describe it. Most times, however, when you try to describe a futon you end up describing all the futons of the world. Therefore, it is recommended you take a photograph of your futon and take it with you to a futon dealer. They might even be able to supply you with the futon directions you need right on the spot.

Often times people will ask if assembling a futon is difficult. Building futons is not hard if you know what you are doing. However, some people are less technically inclined than others and may not be able to rely on quality futon instructions. Some futon instructions can also be poorly written and have poor diagrams. Quality futon instructions have clear diagrams and a logical sequence printed so that most users can easily build their futons.

Futon directions that are written by someone from another country are the worst futon instructions of all in most cases. The individual might be very educated in his or her own country, but that does not mean they will be successful in writing easy-to-understand futon instructions.