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Loveseat Futon Frames

Understanding the Futon Loveseat Pullout Model

To help you understand how pullout futon loveseats work, we setup a photo shoot of one particular model in various positions to help illustrate the concepts and different position possibilities. It is important to understand that not all futon loveseats operate the same way as the one illustrated here. Another common format of loveseat is the A-Frame format which operates quite differently than the model shown here.

The futon loveseat pullout type of futon is also sometimes referred to as a loveseat lounger or loveseat extension because the section beneath the seat extends out to form a lounger and ultimately supports your legs when the futon is in the bed position. This type of futon loveseat gives you maximum flexibility of use and ultimately could be viewed as three separate pieces of furniture wrapped into one simple design.

To some degree, the ease with which your pullout futon converts from seating position into a chaise lounge and finally into a bed, will depend on the mattress you select. In general, however, the design of the particular brand shown here is such that conversion is relatively easy for the average user. Other brands and models will vary to some degree in specific design details, but all offer the same general versatility in positioning.

Loveseat Pullout/Lounger Futon in Upright Position

The loveseat pullout futon offers you a simple loveseat when kept in the upright loveseat position. This type of futon takes up less space than the average sofa-type futon while still offering you the ability to sleep two people (when accompanied by a full size cascading or split-format futon mattress). The twin size variant of this futon model allows you to use a 39" inch wide futon mattress and offers you the ability to accommodate one person.*

Two Different Futon Mattresses for Use with the Pullout Futon

There are generally two different types of futon mattress formats that you can use with the pullout model. One method opts for a thinner more malleable futon mattress that can gently drap over the back. This type of method is often referred to as a cascading futon mattress (click link to watch flash video). The other method allows you to upgrade to a thicker futon mattress and is most often called a split futon mattress method. Both are unique to the smaller futon types like the pullout, a-frame and ottoman style futon systems and not normally considered when buying a sofa type futon.

Thinner all-cotton futon mattresses without a foam or spring core can often be a good choice for the cascading mattress option. When in doubt contact your futon dealer to ensure you are making the right futon mattress choice for the cascading method. Nearly any other futon mattress can easily fulfill the split futon mattress format, and will be offered by most serious futon dealers.

* When used with a 39" x 75" complete twin futon mattress or a comparable split mattress type (see above for details about cascading versus split-format type futon mattresses).