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Futon Planet's Quality Rating System

Designing good quality furniture is not rocket science. With futons, for example, ample reinforcements, solid continuous hardwood construction, and metal brackets will result in a better quality product. However, in an effort to make their products affordable to consumers looking for a certain price point, manufacturer's will often eliminate certain structural elements. This can result in a poor quality product.
At Futon Planet, we have worked hard to seek only the manufacturer's we believe make a credible product at a specific price point. Therefore, most futons we ofter are above average quality.   While we do offer some futons that we consider to be of average quality, none of the futons we sell fall below average quality.

Used to describe futons or other furniture that is of average quality. Meaning their may be some finger joints, few stress supports, little or no metal  brakets, the product, if hardwood is decent quality, or if pine wood is a credible product to sell a consumer at the specific price point offered.

This rating is assinged to products that are above average quality. While it is possible this product might have finger joints, the manufacturer has sought to seek better methods of joining the wood and have used angle brackets and stress supports adequately to offer an above average product.

This rating is used for futons or furniture products that are well above average grade products. Products in this group are considered good quality.

This rating describes futons or furniture products that are of superior quality and workmanship when judged against other futons or furniture products at similar price points. In the case of futons, the frames contain no finger joints, are made of solid continuous hardwood and have ample wooden and metal reinforcements.

This is the highest rating a futon frame, mattress or other furniture product can receive. This rating is used to describe the very best in construction in any given furniture product category. In terms of futons, this rating describes a frame that has no finger joints, is solid continuous hardwood, has superior wooden supports and more metal reinforcements than any other manufacturer in the industry. Although, this rating usually applies to more expensive futon frames, it can also be found in moderately priced, very well-built futon products.

We have used our rating system to describe the quality of various types of furniture offered in our product line as well.  Although, most of the furniture products we offer are not $3000.00 to $4000.00 pieces, we believe we are able to describe certain units as Heavy Duty within the price point offered here.
Futons and futon termonology can sometimes be difficult to understand. If you are struggling with any of the terms of concepts do not hesitate to call us. We are always glad to assist you in finding the right futon to suite your needs.

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