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Gripper Strips

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Price: $ 29.99
Product ID : otis-gripperStrips
Manufacturer: Otis Bed
Gripper Strips
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Gripper Strips are Essential

To keep your futon mattress from slipping, all you need are futon gripper strips. Each order of gripper strips includes a pair of specialty foam strips that are designed to hold your mattress in place while being gentle on your futon cover. If you want your futon to look nice, especially if you have a thick futon mattress, gripper strips are a must. No matter what kind of mattress you purchase, the first few months of futon ownership can be frustrating, as your mattress will resist curving into a sofa shape. This leads to flopping, slouching, and sliding futon mattresses, which is inconvenient and embarrassing. One order of Gripper strips put a stop to that right away.

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What are Gripper Strips?

Gripper strips are a non-skid material specially designed to create the maximum holding power for you futon mattress. It does this with a thin layer of foam that yields to your mattresses shape to create a huge contact patch that grips your futon in place. Gripper strips adhere to your frame with a super-sticky adhesive backing that is revealed by peeling off a strip of white contact paper. Once permanently adhered to your futon frame, your futon mattress will have no choice but to behave.

Why Other Futon Grippers Fail

There are a lot of gripper products on the market to keep your futon from slipping. However, none have the holding power of Gripper Strips because they tend to roll underneath the mattress when you convert you futon. Futons slip after a while on regular non-slip material because the material gripping ability only lasts for a short time.

How To Use Your Gripper Strips

Gripper Strips are easy to use. Simply remove the futon mattress, apply a Gripper Strip to the top of the back deck and front edge of the seat deck. Peel away the white contact paper to reveal the adhesive backing underneath. You want to get them as close to the edges as possible, without letting them show to be most effective, this usually involves trimming on full size futon frames. Next put your mattress back on your futon frame and let the Gripper Strips do the rest. Sound pretty easy right? It is easy and effective too!

Gripper Strips Come With FREE Shipping!!

Product Reviews

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12/19/2013 - 03:20:04 PM
Highly recommend...
Highly recommend, makes a big difference in sofa position.

Overall, very pleased with my entire transaction/products selected. Will continue to shop with Futon Planet.

Thanks, Isabel.

Other products purchased: Bifold Futon Frame (rated 5/5), Odyssey Futon Mattress (rated 5/5) and Navy Futon Cover (rated 5/5).


09/14/2013 - 03:46:50 PM
A Must !
If you buy their Otis brand Haley (or any of the Otis futons, I think) you have to have this stuff. I know because I ordered my futon mattress and they called me to see if I wanted to add this onto my order. At first, I thought they were just trying to sell me more stuff, and maybe I wasn't so enthusiastic when they called, but as it turns out, the mattress just won't settle down without this stuff.

I don't think it makes difference with the more basic futons, but the mattress will spring open without it. I was a little skeptical, but no, sure enough, it doest what they say it does: holds the sucker in place!


08/15/2013 - 06:43:13 PM
Works like a charm!
They also sell that cheaper nonskid material, but this stuff is way better for nearly the same price. It has adhesive on one side and a non-slip material made of foam on the reverse. The give you two strips that are about six feet long and maybe 6-7 inches wide.

One goes on the seat and the other goes on the back. Finally! My futon mattress is staying put.!


04/21/2014 - 05:40:34 PM
These strips work great for keeping the mattress from moving
These strips work great for keeping the mattress from moving on the frame when bringing it up from its bed position to sofa position. Also when people are getting up and down while in the sofa position the mattress doesn’t move around on the frame with these gripper strips. I would highly recommend you purchase these with a new mattress.


04/21/2014 - 05:04:44 PM
We love this product
We love this product. We now have three of them for use in our lake cabin. Would highly recommend it.

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04/05/2014 - 04:06:29 PM
Grippers stick
Grippers stick and keep the queen-size 8-inch mattress from sliding. Can't ask for more.


02/17/2014 - 11:55:52 AM
...really help hold the mattress in place...
The Grip Strips really help hold the mattress in place.

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Mission Rim Futon (rated it 5/5)


02/05/2014 - 12:40:42 PM
...worth the investment...
Got the grippers as well, worth the investment. Adrian was particularly helpful on the phone when I called with questions about the product and shipping. I would gladly suggest the futon and the service from Futon Planet to my friends.

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01/23/2014 - 04:08:48 PM
..Over-priced. BUT I am very glad we purchased them..
I give the strips a "4" because I think they are over-priced. BUT I am very glad we purchased them. They work. They were easy to put on. We had another futon couch where the futon was always slipping downward and we were constantly pulling it up.



01/10/2014 - 06:18:38 PM
..surprised to see that they were foam!
I'd ordered gripper strips, and was somewhat surprised to see that they were foam! They're roughly 4 in wide, and have adhesive on the back. The adhesive is sticky enough to hold to the wood, but doesn't destroy it if you don't lay it right the first time. (Note: both strips are the same length, and the decks of the futon are not, so one will need to be stretched a bit!). My only (minor) gripe is that the edges of the frame are not as wide as the strips, so of course, they extend down onto the slats.

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