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Oblong Futon Glide

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Manufacturer: Futon Parts
Oblong Futon Glide
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Although the picture above displays a pair of glides, these futon parts are sold individually, not in pairs. Discounts are given to orders of 4 futon glides or more.

Oblong Nylon Futon Glides

Parts generally ship in 7-10 days, if wanted sooner (3-5 business days) please choose the FAST TRACK option in the final checkout screen.

Oblong Plastic Futon Glides are found on many older A-Frame Futons as well as various Bi-Fold Futons manufactured in the US and abroad. This futon part is often referred to as an oblong futon roller, futon glide, oval futon glide, oval futon roller, futon glide, plastic futon glide, nylon roller bushing, and various other futon parts.

Caring for your Oblong Glides

Unlike most other futon glides, the oblong glide is usually made of a harder, denser plastic. This can be especially problematic of the inside of your futon frame is rough or jagged. It is recommend you carefully sand down and jagged edges on the recessed areas where your oblong futon glide will slide. These areas are usually located on the insides of your futon arms. Be careful not to over-sand the areas and ensure that you do not round the edges of the recesses with your sand paper.

It is essential that you keep your futon frame in tune. Check to make sure your futon frame is not loose, by wiggling the arms and joints. If something appears to be loose, tighten it. Take care not to over-tighten any part on your futon, however, as damage can occur.

Oblong Futon Roller Specifications

  • Nylon Dimensions Approximately 2 1/8" long x 11/16 wide x 5/8 thick*
  • Metal Shaft (from plastic): ~ 13/16" long x 1/4" diameter

On average most parts ship out next business day. Average in-transit shipping time is 3-4 business days.

We have had some difficulty obtaining these parts and our inventory is limited. It is possible we will not be able to obtain any more of oblong futon glides once we run out. Therefore, you might consider purchasing an extra spare for your own personal inventory if you think you might require another in the future.

* Thickness is the measurement of the futon glide as if it were sitting on a table with the Metal Shaft sticking up in the air. The thickness would be from the table to the top of the plastic area.

* Width is the measurement of the futon glide as if it were laying sideways on a table, with the Metal Shaft on the horizontal. The measurement from the table to the top of the plastic futon glide would, in this case, be considered the width.

Please measure before purchasing, as futon parts are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable. Futon parts typically ship in 3-5 business days.

Product Reviews

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01/09/2014 - 01:30:35 PM
..just what I needed to fix my futon...
This part is just what I needed to fix my futon. It fit perfectly. Now we can use our futon again. Thank You!


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