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Free Futon Shipping in the Contiguous USA

We have broken the country up into four futon delivery regions. Click on your region on the US map below to see that we deliver your futon directly to your home. Do not worry, we deliver futons to every city, town and township in the continental United States of America. If you live outside this region or in Canada, please call us for delivery rates.

Where do you live?

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Futon Delivery Schedule

Most of our futon frames come with free futon shipping and ship in 2-3 days when in stock. If the product is not in stock or there is an increase in futon orders creating a backlog of work, we will hurry to get your futon shipped out as soon as possible.

Futon shipping time can vary depending on the futon you are ordering and the location in which you live. As a general rule futons will take anywhere from three to seven business days to ship from one of our facilities to your home once they are shipped. For this reason, you might expect up to twelve business days to receive your new futon.

We deliver futons to the following states:

Futons Outside the US?

If you live elsewhere and wish to get a special rate for your location please contact us via email. Special futon shipping rates will apply for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and elsewhere throughout North America.

About Our Futon Delivery Map Above

We have divided the nation into four quadrants and we have lumped the various states into those quadrants. Though traditionally, for example, one would not consider West Virginia as a part of the Northeast, we have done so here for simplification. Although you do not see Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Mexico and other places located on this futon map, we do deliver to these regions for additional shipping costs. Please contact CustomerCare@FutonPlanet.com for more information on shipping outside the major 48 States.

How Are Futons Shipped to My Home?

We ship futons to all types of locations. We delivery futons to apartment buildings, office buildings, residential homes and just about anywhere our delivery services are able to make futon deliveries. In many cases, our futons come with free shipping. Not every futon frame comes with free shipping, however.

In most cases we attempt to control futon prices for the consumer as much as possible and still stay profitable. We deliver futons to homes in New York, Illinois, Virginia, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, the Southwest, Northeast, and Midwest.

Futons are usually shipped in a flat pack. Depending on which futon frame you buy and have delivered, you might have to do some assembly. If you are not proficient in building your futon we recommend you ask the assistance of a friend. In general most futon assembly instructions are easy to understand and overall assembly of most peoples' futons goes relatively smoothly.

If you live locally to one of our retail outlets in Florida, a futon delivery and assembly package can be worked out. The added cost of this will vary depending on the distance and number of futons being delivered. Again, please email CustomerCare@FutonPlanet.com with any questions regarding Florida futon delivery service. We also offer a Florida furniture delivery service on any of our futon products. Depending on where you live in Florida, the cost will vary for this delivery service.

The only time you are responsible for our shipping charges above and beyond what you see posted is when you make a return. Note that returns are not authorized without a return authorization number issued by us. Also, we recommend you visit our terms and conditions page located on our menu bar at the bottom of this page.

Futon Mattresses Shipped

We ship futon mattresses from various locations. Futon mattresses are usually well bagged to prevent damage during shipping. If you notice your futon mattress is worn or damaged due to shipping please make sure to mark it on the shipping documents immediately.

Shipping futon mattresses is relatively easy. We deliver futon mattresses to apartment buildings, homes, businesses, condos and anywhere the transport company is willing to deliver. Like our futon frames, futon mattresses are generally not delivered to your door if you live in an apartment building, so you might have to make arrangements to have someone help you. In most cases, the delivery drivers seem to be willing to deliver to your door, but we do not guarantee that.

We recommend you consider buying a new futon cover with your futon mattress. We ship the futon cover with the futon mattress if we have it in stock. If not, the cover will ship from another location.

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Get FREE shipping for any of these products when you live in the Continental United States. For more information about shipping terms, time frames and over-seas shipping options, click on any of the items below or contact us directly.

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