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Futon Quick Tips Flash Video Lessons

We make futon education fun and simple to help you find what you need quickly and easily. Our futon quick tips will help answer any question you might have. Watch them, pause them, rewind, or close them before they are done. Make your life easy, watch a futon quick tip lesson now. Most are only 60 seconds long.

Futon Quick Tips Flash Video Directory

  • Futon frames - Learn about frame sizes, colors, features & more
  • Futon mattress  - Find the right futon by learning about sizes, types, construction and intended use issues, & more.
  • Futon covers - Find the right cover with in minutes, understand sizing, piping, pillows, custom options & more. 
  • Futon assembly - See how to build a futon frame or find replacement parts.
  • Futon shipping - Understand how your futon frame, mattress, cover or other products ship.
  • Futon warranties - Find warranty information, learn what is covered, and what you should look out for.
  • Futon sizes - Learn all about complete futon sizes, frame sizes, mattress sizes, covers sizes, bed sizes, and more.
  • Futon operation - Discover tips & tricks to make operating your futon even easier!
  • Futon beds - Platform beds, twin size futon beds, full size futon beds, queen size futon beds, other sizes & more.
  • Futons slipping -Learn the #1 basic products and tips that keep your futon from slouching or slipping.
  • Futon 101 - The basics from the start (15 minute lesson)