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Wood Futon Frames

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Wooden futon frames come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Although pinewood futon frames dominated the market for many years, hardwood futon frame prices have continued to fall making them more prevalent and affordable.

Although logic might suggest that hardwood futons are more indestructible than pine wood frames, there are many hardwood frames on the market that are more prone to catastrophic failure than others.  However, with some basic knowledge about wooden futon frame construction, you will have more confidence when you are comparing models and prices.

When investigating a futon frame consider these three things: 1) Hardwood will tends to be stronger than pinewood, 2) Solid wooden cross members will tend to outlast jointed cross members and 3) The More reinforcement the better.

Most modern wood futon frames have six major parts; a left arm, a right arm, a back deck, a seat deck, and two stretcher rails (sometimes called cross rails). The hardware that fasten all of these wooden pieces together are most often made up of an ingenious bolt and barrel nut (dowel nut) system that act very much like little vice clamps that hold the joints in place.  This makes futon frames easy to assemble and disassemble which can have many advantages. 

Still, it is important to remember that futons are not only dual purpose pieces of furniture,-- they are also mechanisms that require added reinforcement.  For this reason, the smarter manufacturers have reinforced their futon frames with various metal brackets and support beams called stress supports to make their futons even more durable.

These companies to brag about the beneficial features of their futon frames which makes they consumer

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